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All the best italian Rottweiler Breeders know that Rottweilers need plenty of training, which should be patient, kind and consistent, as a Rottweiler is dominant in nature. Breeders say that usually Females Rottweilers tend to be more gentle than males Rottweilers and that's why they require a less forceful training.


Image of -  Rottweiler  With regards to living environment, Rottweilers need a home with a fenced yard. Italian Rottweiler Breeders think that Rottweilers should not be left alone all day long in the yard, because they are socialble animals. Rottweilers need low costant activity, indoors as well outdoors, but it is better if the indoor activity is low while the outdoors activity is high. Anyway, Their average life in Spain is 9 years.


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